Horror Story Drinking Games?

So this past weekend I played a drinking game called Edward Fortyhands. I’m sure everyone’s heard of it- it’s pretty standard in college campuses throughout the good ol’ US of A. Basically, you attach a forty to each hand with duct tape. The winner is the first who finishes both forties without dying, puking or shitting themselves. Cool, huh?

I wanted to go balls-to-the-wall with my drinking so I decided to change Edward Fortyhands to Human Centipede. Thats right- attaching people to each other by way of a duct-taped forty. There were about seven people attached on a huge line of connected forties. (Please note: we were not attached mouth to butt like in the actual movie, but attached by our hands. I’m not that fucked up.)

I know that this means I would technically be drinking less than Edward Fortyhands, but the sheer ridiculousness of the Human Centipede appealed to me. Plus, I cannot finish two forties on my own without dying, puking or shitting myself.

OK, so in this bout of binge-drinking creative genius, I began to think of other horror movies I could make into drinking games. The Ring? Psycho? Alien? What else? Pans Labrynth? (weirdest movie ever!)



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3 responses to “Horror Story Drinking Games?

  1. Wow that sounds interesting I’ve never heard or played that before. I might try it one day if it doesnt involve me being the “old guy” at the college party which by then means I will have to play with older people who might or might not know the game. Who comes up with these damn drinking games?

    • It’s a good time! You should try it with some friends. And I definitely have found that the best games have been created while being drunk. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Thanks for reading!

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